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Modena Smart Home


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Your dream home, stripped to perfection. Discover how less is more when you eliminate visual distractions from your walls.

Simplify. Beautify.

Achieve minimalist bliss by eliminating the wall clutter distracting from your design.

Less Clutter. More Comfort.

Meet the family

MODENA | Smart Home

CONCEAL trimless mounting system and ALLY smart dimmer. Use them together, or individually, to elegantly integrate technology into your walls without distracting from your design.

"CONCEAL beautifully complements modern home designs while preserving a familiar installation method." read more...

ELLE Canada

"Modena Smart Home incorporates high quality technology with beautiful designs. We highly recommend Modena for your next project."

Meme Brooks Design

"Switches and outlets virtually disappear into the background allowing your beautiful home design to be the focus." read more...

Life and Style

"Modena Smart Home is an obvious choice as we seek to showcase the very best in innovation and enthusiasm in Pacific Northwest design!"

East Van Light

ABOUT US | An experienced team you can trust

iaconicDesign Inc.

iaconicDesign, the team behind Modena Smart Home, have been developing award-winning products for leading companies around the world. Combining decades of engineering experience with a passion for product design. We believe technology should enable your design vision, not distract from it, and are guided by the principle that 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'.