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Your dream home, stripped to perfection. Discover how less is more by eliminating visual distractions from your walls.

Simplify. Beautify.

Achieve minimalist bliss by eliminating the wall clutter distracting from your design.

Less Clutter. More Comfort.

Recess switches and outlets flush with your walls and watch them disappear into the background.

Minimalist Marvels

Embracing Minimalism

Design conscious homeowners building or renovating their dream home are embracing minimalism for simplifying spaces, reducing stress, and creating a calm, organized atmosphere.

Tired of Traditional Solutions

But when it comes to light switches and outlets - the fixtures we interact with most often in our homes - there are very few options for reducing the visual clutter they create on our walls.

Exploring Alternatives

Some solutions like home automation systems can consolidate switches into fewer multifunction keypads and control panels.

But these are expensive to install, difficult to use and offer nothing to reduce the visual impact of outlets.

Sleek but Non-Standard

Other flush mounting kits offer solutions that can effectively disguise switches and outlets to varying degrees.

But these are either too expensive, require specialized installation or limit your choice of compatible electrical controls.

A Perfect Solution

In an ideal world, we'd have an engineered trimless mounting system that achieves a sleek, minimalist design, is familiar to install, and works with switches and outlets from ANY manufacturer...

Precision-Engineered Trimless Mounting System

Discover CONCEAL

A trimless mounting system for recessing ANY standard switch, outlet or AV receptacle flush with your wall, minimizing visual distractions.

See for yourself the dramatic difference the smallest details can make.



Eliminate unsightly shadow lines and get that sleek, minimalist look you desire by mounting switches and outlets flush with your walls.

Spot the Switches?

Slide to reveal the switches and outlets Concealed in this room.



Don't let switches & outlets distract from your design...CONCEAL them!

Installation Overview

How Does it Work?

CONCEAL's engineered trimless mounting system consists of 3 familiar parts that work together to create minimalist magic.

1 | Wall Box

CONCEAL boxes are installed at rough-in. Nail or screw to studs like conventional boxes. Built in levelling guides, cable clamps and an oversized design make installation a breeze.

2 | Mud Ring

After hanging drywall, cut openings for each box. A channel on each CONCEAL box guides your tool for a precise cut. Screw CONCEAL mud ring to wall box and apply drywall mud to blend into the wall.

3 | Wall Plate

After drywall finishing is complete, install your desired electrical devices and attach CONCEAL wall plates. They attach magnetically for a secure, screwless finish.

View a recent installation...

Electrical Rough-In Stage

Box Install

CONCEAL boxes installed and wiring run.

Drywall Boarding Stage

Drywall Cutting

Drywall hung and openings cut, exposing CONCEAL boxes.

Drywall Taping Stage

Mud Ring Install

Mud rings installed. Cardboard shields (included with purchase of CONCEAL mud rings) keep mud and dust out during finishing stage.

Drywall Finishing Stage

Drywall Finishing

CONCEAL mud rings feathered into walls.

Finishing Stage

Device Install

Switches, outlets or other electrical controls are installed and ready for wall plates.

Electrical Trim Stage

Wall Plate Install

Magnetic CONCEAL wall plates finish the job for a nearly invisible final result.

"CONCEAL beautifully complements modern home designs while preserving a familiar installation method." read more...

ELLE Canada

"Modena Smart Home incorporates high quality technology with beautiful designs. We highly recommend Modena for your next project."

Meme Brooks Design

"Switches and outlets virtually disappear into the background allowing your beautiful home design to be the focus." read more...

Life and Style

"Modena Smart Home is an obvious choice as we seek to showcase the very best in innovation and enthusiasm in Pacific Northwest design!"

East Van Light

Don't Settle for Anything Less

Order now or contact us to discuss how CONCEAL can help elevate your next project from ordinary to extraordinary.


ABOUT US | An experienced team you can trust

iaconicDesign Inc.

iaconicDesign, the team behind Modena Smart Home, have been developing award-winning products for leading companies around the world. Combining decades of engineering experience with a passion for product design. We believe technology should enable your design vision, not distract from it, and are guided by the principle that 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'.