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About Us

Modena Smart Home brings you simple, sophisticated lighting controls for those who demand attention to detail.

Our Story

The inspiration behind Modena Smart Home came in 2014, when founder Jean-Louis Iaconis was renovating his home. After carefully selecting flooring materials, plumbing fixtures, cabinet finishes and wall colours, he grew frustrated by the lack of design options for the many light switches and outlets scattered on every wall of his family's home. And so the idea for Modena was born to do for light switches and outlets what Nest did for thermostats: redefine overlooked utilitarian fixtures into beautiful design statements.

Our Mission

At Modena, we value beauty + simplicity and have made it our mission to develop products that embody a vision of the future that inspires and excites. We believe technology should enable your design vision, not distract from it and are guided by the principle that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Everything we create is beautifully designed and simple to use. We hope you enjoy using them.