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Never return to a dark home again. Simple lighting automation all in a familiar, easy to use design.

A Simple Switch to a Smarter Home

Simple to setup. Easy to Use. Make your existing lights smart with a simple upgrade to a smarter home.

Simply Smart

Comfort & Security

From morning wakeups, to late night arrivals, automate your lighting to set the perfect scene for every occasion and never return to a dark home again.

Peace of Mind

Never wonder if you left the lights on or forgot to turn off the coffemaker. Monitor your home from anywhere through the Modena app.

Hands-Free Convenience

"Alexa, dim the kitchen lights."

From across the kitchen, or around the globe, enjoy the convenience of hands-free lighting control. Works with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Maintain a cohesive look throughout your home while adding the modern comfort and convenience of smart lighting.

"Modena Smart Home is an obvious choice as we seek to showcase the very best in innovation and enthusiasm in Pacific Northwest design!"

East Van Light

"Modena Smart Home incorporates high quality technology with beautiful designs. We highly recommend Modena for your next project."

Meme Brooks Design

ABOUT US | An experienced team you can trust

iaconicDesign Inc.

iaconicDesign, the team behind Modena Smart Home, have been developing award-winning products for leading companies around the world. Combining decades of engineering experience with a passion for product design. We believe technology should enable your design vision, not distract from it, and are guided by the principle that 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'.