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CONCEAL | Trimless Mounting System Extender

Sale priceCAD $51.00

CONCEAL trimless mounting system extender. For use in finished millwork or hard surfaces such as tile or stone. Extender sits on CONCEAL trimless mounting system mud ring to extend the finished face by approx. 1/4" (adjustable). Extenders are stackable to accommodate various mounting depths and hard surface thicknesses.

These are typically used in tile backsplash or stone countertop installations, but are suitable for use wherever the finished wall surface will be something other than drywall.

Note: Matching CONCEAL trimless mounting system wall plate and CONCEAL depth adjustment shims required for finished installation.

CONCEAL | Trimless Mounting System Extender
CONCEAL | Trimless Mounting System Extender Sale priceCAD $51.00